Posted on February 13, 2014 at 7:56 pm

I wanted to share a few things that lately have made me smile, things that knitters have done with the patterns I’ve put out there that strike me as so personal, and so very sweet, especially when it comes to the things knitters have made for the small people in their hearts.

The Dulaan Easy-On Mitten pattern, which I dreamed up many years ago for he-who-could-not-get-mittens-on-without-a-finger-traffic-jam, has gone on to have quite a colorful life on Ravelry. I notice that knitters are making ducks and sharks and dinosaur versions of them for their kiddos. I am amazed that a simple idea has worked out for so many moms. Here, for example, are Teri’s Shark Mittens which she adapted from the original idea.


They pop up in my activity log almost  every other day, so many “favorites” she has been collecting with these.

Also in the reptilian theme is what has become of Steggie, my first pattern from seemingly eons ago. There are almost 485 of them on Ravelry these days, and every one of them are wonderful. First of all because each one represents to me a knitter who is keeping alive the practice of intarsia, and also because kids who love dinos are universal.

Jacquie’s recent Steggie brings a smile to my face because she got creative with her closure:



Here, take a closer look: P1100791_medium2

I’m not usually one for novelty buttons, but there’s something about the dino thing here that makes a sparkle unicorn princess out of me.

And finally, the Welcome to the Flock sweater has brought me so much. Every one of them means a little person has arrived into the life of a knitter, and every one of them are a miracle. People post them in many different colors, being opened at baby showers by happy parents to be, and being worn by their babies. If you ever need a little lift this gloomy winter, check out the project pages for baby patterns on Ravelry.  In particular, Anja’s little tag that she sewed into her finished sweater brought my heart into my throat.



I don’t know why, but seeing the name of the pattern installed as a greeting, with care instructions, just choked me up a little. It’s a lovely thing, in having put a pattern out there, to participate even from a distance made small by the internet, in the love and creativity of these knitters for their children.