Posted on December 14, 2013 at 6:11 pm

I haven’t done much to the studio since I moved in in September. Everything pretty much is where I put it when I staggered through the door under the weight of each load, and the couch landed where the delivery guys could put it down without squishing anything else. So I don’t have any decorating to show off yet because: deadlines.

It looks pretty lived in, however. A home away from home:



Couch, the green sweater I’m writing up, Excel and Spotify open on the computer, there’s knitting off to the right there but I can’t show it to you for awhile and oh . . . there’s my tape measure on the floor! I guess it pays to get off the couch every once in awhile.



(There are three tape measures in residence. I mean, how many do you need in a 10 by 20′ space? As it turns out, more than three because I can never find one, even when I had it next to me a second ago.)

I’m still hoping to paint a little, brighten up the space, maybe hang some good things to look at, but not until I finish my current project. I also have a coffee maker, a proper desk I never sit at, a spinning wheel, and a whack of yarn. And Classic Elite Yarns is about 10 minutes away in Billerica if I decide I need more. Not bad, huh? It’s usually quiet except for the freight elevator outside my door: no one knows how to close the doors quietly, on any floor for that matter. It all translates right into my studio as a sonic boom. But it’s really only a problem on the first Friday of the month which is before Open Studio weekends. I just listen to louder music those days. And it makes me knit faster.

There’s a few fun things coming up. For one thing, I have a pattern coming out as part of Kim McBrien’s Smart Ass Knitters’ World Domination Club this week. I expect spoilers to start popping up on her Ravelry group any day now.