Posted on May 2, 2005 at 8:51 pm

. . . saves new videos for days like today?

Note to the Boy should he ever find this old blog using Google’s cached pages function —

Sweetheart: should you ever need to know why you are so very good at spending time by yourself, it’s because your mother was a fiber-obsessed mono-maniac stitching shit.  For example, today, I let you watch several train videos in a row, and then when you said that you wanted to go outside and play in the sunshine, I pulled out a mint copy of The Bear, and you watched it three times in a row all so I could do this:


Now lest you knitters listening in here rush to my defense, I just want to point out that not only did I abandon my child’s forming neural transmitters for the better part of an afternoon to the debauchery of the cathode ray tube, but I did it to perform only an imperfect job of grafting the sleeve.  Had I done a flawless job, I think that I would feel justified in my not-quite criminal negligence.  But as it is, the graft is better than a three-needle bind-off, but worse than the other rows that it’s supposed to look like. To wit:Wonky_wonky_2

Okay.  I am only slightly ashamed of myself.  I am here to tell all the interested or accidental world (that is, the unfortunate trawlers who end up here because they key worded something like, oh, let’s say "inflatable love doll"– sorry fellas) about the compromises I had to make in grafting a lace pattern, and they were mostly this: forget the yarn-overs.  They mess up the stitch count anyway.  For those of you still reading who haven’t ever grafted anything more ambitious than a toe, it’s really the same thing.  Just for a longer period of time such that might require you to have something  irresistible hidden away to keep the kids occupied for an entire afternoon.  Grafting_1

<====This picture is for Jackie.

It is possible to get away with it.   I’m not excited about how it turned out, but it doesn’t look terrible, and even Teva Durham has full-nelson grafting as a design feature for her Lace Leaf Pullover in the current Interweave.  So I can’t be entirely nuts.  Or at least the only one who is nuts.

So, you see, Child-of-mine, . . .all the nice knitters (the same ones who graced you and me with lavish compliments the other day when you mugged so sweetly for me in your new sweater) really didn’t need to have me neglect you today, but it was an itch I had to scratch.

And I’m a selfish shit. 

But you already know that.

Would it kill you to call me?