Posted on June 5, 2005 at 7:03 pm

I want to send thanks and hugs to everyone who left me such lovely comments last Friday when I was despairing of ever feeling worthy of knitting a stitch again.  It meant a lot to me, lurkers and regulars alike speaking up and making me feel less like a schmuck.  Thank you.  Thank you so very much.

Row_77Yes, I’m still here, and yes, I found some time to put in a few rows of the Peacock Feathers shawl over the weekend.  After last week’s shock of seeing my friend’s struggle with chemo, I’ve decided that along with some other adjustments in my life, I need to spend time knitting more for other people.  I have been pushing back in the queue about six different projects that friends and family have wished for: the Scarf Style Trellis scarf for my sister,  Nordic mittens for my friend Megan; a giant thing I’m going to call the Goddess Wrap for one of my oldest friends, Netta; wild cross-country ski socks for my friend Derek; a black cashmere Smoke Ring for his wife, Jess; and an Aran for my husband who has finally found a sweater design he likes (more, oh-so-much-more about this later in the week).  I’ll keep working on the Peacock Feathers shawl and PS 136, but I’m not going to cast on for anything new for myself until one of them is done.  I am also going to knit a few chemo caps, fun ones, like Jenna Wilson‘s from Knitty, since that is what I would wear if it was my bare head.

And I’m going to liberate some stuff from the stash.  More on that as soon as I can get organized.