Posted on March 4, 2005 at 10:59 am

I’m delighted to say that because the Mason Dixon Afghan Sewing Bee is not at my house tomorrow, but down the road at the Morrill Place Inn, that I won’t have to clean up.  I can leave my house in the shambles that it usually is and concentrate instead on what to wear.  It’s always a difficult decision, when I go to where I know there will be knitters, even if it’s just a yarn store: what should I wear that strikes the right balance between, "I knit this, aren’t I the talented one? and "I am capable of knitting something without stabbing myself." 

I admit it: I evaluate an unfamiliar yarn store somewhat on their reaction to my knitwear.  If I’m checking out a store for the first time, I want to establish myself as a knitter to be reckoned with. I don’t want to be pointed to the muppet yarn; I want the natural fibers. I pull out the big guns.  I wear something with intarsia or gobs of cables.  I’m a bit of jerk that way, I guess.  Recently, I went to check out a quilting and yarn store in Hamilton, Massachusetts and wore my pride and joy Horse Jacket. (And Hamilton is a "veddy" horsey town, by the way)  Not a peep.  Practically ignored me altogether.  This tends to affect how I feel about the place; it brings out the Diva in me.  I harumpf at such yarn stores.  Good yarn stores–yarn stores worth returning to–pay me the perfunctory compliment, sometimes after several pleasantries in knitting dialect. They know I speak the language, and we understand each other.

Now, If I’m an old customer, I try to wear something I bought there (although this is sometimes difficult since with my stash, there are whole states worth of yarn stores represented without one finished object between them).  I don’t have my picture taken, as is the custom at some lovely stores, because that’s just not my thing.  It feels too much like bragging (so why am I all over the internet, you ask? In the words of Uncle Walt: Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself.  I am large, I contain multitudes)

When I go to an fiber event, I go for the understated, usually a single colour sweater and/or a pair of socks.  We can’t be all swagger and brag when we are among fellow knitters, you know.  We are all artists.  But I do want everyone else to know that I’m a member of the club.  I am there of my own free will and happy checkbook.  I was not dragged there by an over-enthusiastic Aunt.

So for tomorrow, what to wear?  Hm.  Kay knit a sweater just for tomorrow. Should I wear something  from the blog?  Or should I  mine the archives?  Maybe it’ll be the old favorite, my black Rowan from Number Eleven.  And some socks, the clean pair.  And Clapotis, because Cassie’s wearing hers; she promised.  And I’ll take PS136 to knit.  And the Mermaid. . . and . . . and. . .