Posted on January 1, 2012 at 2:47 pm

Happy New Year!

A few years ago, my husband learned an unattractive truth about me: that in spite of the show I put on about Christmas being about the kids and spending time together, that I am still expecting to have there be something for me under the tree on Christmas. I remain slightly ashamed of this, but after all, I put on a pretty good Christmas, and even Santa gets cookies and milk as a thank you. Right?

Ever since the year of nothing for me, (and the quiet unhappiness that followed him around in the shape of me for a week) The Mister has never failed to find me not only a lovely present likely associated with my passion for one of several things I am passionate about, but also a present that unfailingly makes me laugh.

This year's present was this:


Yes, Brio. The train people. But befoer you start imagining me warping up a full sized poncho, look at how big it is.

It's all of ten inches wide and twenty inches long, and slides out of the box looking like this:


At first I thought V*A*VSTOL might be one of those IKEA like words that mean practically nothing, but Vavstol — it turns out — actually means "loom" in Swedish. The things you learn.

The vavstol pops up in one fluid motion and locks in place with side braces.


There's a built in beater, and other little touches that make it way too fun to ever  use, like the fact that it came new in the box already warped and with about three inches worth of weaving already done, to get the prospective weaver started.

It has the most adorable red string heddles


and two racheted tensioning dowels in front and back.


Could it be any cuter?

I think the Mister is covered for another year. No pouting around here, I promise.