Posted on May 12, 2005 at 5:05 am

Wild Bill Hickcroc?
Salamander Capone?

(I know I know; that’s just baaaad)

What’s green and full of holes?
This is!

Ballet_neck_cardiOnce I managed that first psychic hurdle of grafting the right shoulder seem, I was fearless and much more efficient about that second one.  Whereas the right took me maybe three hours of sweat and anxiety, I whipped off the second one between Maisy and Miffy (that’s an hour of programming on Noggin for you non-toddler moms)

So, final verdict?  It’s very much the sort of thing I would wear over a dress or a tunic top, especially on a fresh summer evening.  I think the Desert Garden Aran must be less drapey than the Willow that the pattern calls for.  It has a lot of heft and body to it, so that this short jacket doesn’t flow like I think it should with these proportions.  Were I able to find a worm hole  that would let meNeck_detail communicate with myself from before I bought the yarn for this project, I would advise that self to splurge for the suggested yarn.  Maybe there’s a lesson in there somewhere. It’s not that I don’t like the fabric –I do– it’s just that I wished that this was a little softer.  Perhaps time and wear will loosen it up a little.  It does have lovely stitch definition, and while I found the yarn to be a bit splitty, it wasn’t nearly as ruthless as the Linen Drape.

I like the neck detail of an eyelet row through which you thread a twisted cord.  It’s a very clever pattern, knit in one piece — if a bit cumberson as arm sections sprout in four directions — but if you avoid my gratuitous grafting adventures, it is not a difficult knit.