Posted on January 5, 2005 at 10:58 pm

Lining_fabricToday I bought some fabric to line the blob.  Rowanettes will recognize one of Kaffe Fassett‘s signature madras stripes.  The photograph skews the colours ever so slightly, but even if it doesn’t exactly match, I love this fabric too much to miss an opportunity to use some.  And the little milky way print is for a zippered pocket and a cell phone pouch to be stitched to the lining.  I’m plotting about the buckram bottom, since there is no buckram to be found hereabouts, and I think I’d like to recycle something out of the unfathomable sea of junk in this house of mine.  I could cut up one of the many placemats I bought to help the kids remember the alphabet and the Periodic Table.  Or maybe I could admit to myself that I am never going to organize the family photographs (or even get them downloaded out of the computer) and use the cover of one of the many sturdy photo albums I got as baby presents when the Magnificent Boy was born.


In the meantime, I knit St Kilda through the first 300 yard skein of the Chasing Rainbows, and considered the possibility that I would run out of yarn, so I had to rip the whole thing out, (it was going to be a thing of great beauty, and worth the twenty pounds it would have added to my profile) and I’m looking for something else to knit out of it.  I have spent the day leafing through old Vogues and IKs looking for long lost fantasy sweaters, and nothing really grabbed me.  I think it’s back into the stash for this terrific yarn, and on to the next sweater project in the queue.  I’m sorry to see St Kilda go, but I am planning to knit it anyway, perhaps in that Prairie Fire Lamb’s Pride I was salivating over a post or two ago.  But for now, there’s a yarn diet to be observed, and I must restrain myself to buckram substitutes and bag linings.