Posted on December 27, 2004 at 12:08 pm

Christmas morning, after step-kids have been borrowed and returned, after paper and cardboard has been sorted into garbage and re-usable/recyclable, after four pots of coffee and countless cinnamon rolls, just as I am about to sit down to knit on my slowly progressing Fritzy’s sock (here’s a reminder), my husband says to me, "You should check out what’s in the hall."
Now, I know that the hall is the hinderland of civilization in my house.  Since it is not a room, but merely a space that we use to get to where we are not, my husband uses it to stack the coming and going shipping boxes for his hi-fi business.  This day in particular there are six television-sized boxes which I have been ignoring for the past week as usual.  But when I go to check out what is in the hall, as instructed, one of them suddenly has a bow drawn in red sharpie on it–about as close to actual wrapping as my husband ever gets–and my husband’s pet name for me written on it. 

If you must know, it’s "Knucklehead"  Two points of explanation:
1) He’s a Virgo so we are all, in his world view, knuckleheads. 
2) I actually am a knucklehead.  Who else do you know has stabbed herself in the leg with a dpn?

So this must be the box the neighbor’s girl was taunting me about, and what was inside?

Fricke_drumcarder_toolsA Fricke Drum Carder. 

I am in awe.  Of my husband, that is.  The carder is perhaps the best present I ever got in my whole life.  He figured it out from an email one of my readers sent me about her new Jensen wheel from Bountiful, and how great the ladies had been with her.  So my husband googled the phone number and let them advise him about what someone like me would really want for Christmas.  He also gave me a darling pair of Drop Spindle Earrings that I will now have to wear to every fiber-related occasion.   

I have to apologize to anyone who might be thinking I’ve been a dreadful snob lately, because my email in unusable.  Our computer was finally taken over by a vexing spyware resident called TVMedia, and we are in the painfully slow process of reconstruction.  So I’m not able to reply to anyone for awhile.  Sorry.