Posted on April 23, 2004 at 12:32 pm

What’s this?

It’s a sleeve!


In the continuing saga of Dinosaurs and green yarn, I came up with this configuration for a raglan sleeved sweater.  Not bad, eh?  I’ve run out of the Ole Ole for now, so once I locate more (I have to call Johanna at A Good Yarn; I dare not step foot in the place) I can get on with the rest of it.. 

Alison commented yesterday that I have a number of good projects in the works.  It does seem, I admit, like I’m taking on a lot, but I had come to a point about a week ago where I had managed to finish every project I had on the needles except for my knit-in-the-car socks.  I have all these spots in the house where knitting-in-progress usually lives that were suddenly unoccupied.  I like to think this assembly of many projects is not so much a flush of unrealistic over-ambition so much as simply a process of re-furnishing the well-accessoried knitter’s house.  It’s like fluffing the pillows.

So what else am I casting on for now?
1.A swatch of Cashmerino superchunk in Lilac for Simply Marilyn (for Cornelia, 11 years old, Diva in training)
2.Cherry Tree Hill scarf in trailing vines lace (I can’t wait until I have enough to photograph)
3.Felted Turtle from a Patternworks kit.
4. Jaipur in Linen Drape in colour "Salsa"
5. A mindless vest in Noro Blossom. 

Lots just getting underway.  Meanwhile I am working on writing out the pattern for the dino-hat.  I’ve got a ball of Ironworks metallic something to make a knight’s helmet in my simplified version.  I’m not sure how the guage will work, since I’m pairing it with some CE Provence cotton to bulk it up.
Wish me luck.