Posted on November 28, 2011 at 1:08 pm

Here are the rest of the wheels we had in the back room at Beth's Spinning Loft Dreamwheel weekend:

A double treadle Journey Wheel by Jonathan Bosworth:

Journey Wheel by Jonathan Bosworth

My Norm Hall Great Wheel:

Norm Hall Great Wheel

A Jerry Jensen 30" Production Wheel, not to be confused with his Ashley wheel, but don't ask me the difference, because I don't know:


The stealthiest wheel in the room, Marcy's Alden Amos Flat Rimmed Canadian. If you have any argument with Mr Amos, this wheel will shut you up in a flash:

Alden Amos Flat Rim Canadian

A Rick Reeves 19" Saxony:

Rick Reeves Saxony

Jensen Gossip wheel, on which Kelly spun two singles at once.

Jerry Jensen Gossip Wheel

My beloved Watson, a hit aesthetically, and for the spinning experience too. Of all the wheels, this one had the most yarn on the bobbin at the end of the day.

Andrew Watson "Marie" Norwegian

Carson Cooper's Sierra, which everyone loved, especially the husbands because it does have a macho quality about it I think. It felt very steampunk among all the colonial vibes that the other wheels were giving off:

Carson Cooper Walnut Burl "Sierra"

In spite of its apparent heft, it actually spins like butter, as Beth's daughter Maggie (an accomplished and much travelled spinner already) discovered. She spun on this wheel for almost twenty minutes, long after her dad had urged her to come home with him.


Dave Paul's little Roadbug, which was a star for anyone who ventured to try it out.

Dave Paul of The Merlin Tree "Roadbug"

Suzanne came specifically to spin on the Drudik, but she seemed most tickled and pleased by her experience with the Hitchhiker. She was spinning away, giggling, and talking about taking it with her on trips to Germany when she visits family. Exactly, I said.


The quietest wheel in the room was Pat Russo's "Vermont Wheel" Saxony, and it's Beth's new wheel crush:

Patrick Russo "Vermont Wheel"

Jonathan Bosworth's Bookcase Charkha, getting a little try with Beth's cotton punis (she has them in stock and they are wonderful for spinning, especially if you are a cotton newbie like me).

Bookcase Charkha by Jonathan Bosworth

And here's what they all looked like packed up and ready to go back to their homes in New England: