Posted on June 15, 2011 at 8:39 am

It's been almost month since I really sat down to the knitting, or picked it up, as it usually is. I'm not someone who plants herself to knit, there's nothing really deliberate about it. I have porjects lying about the place like books I'm reading, and knti on the closest thing when I find a moment to pick it up. It might be a row or two at a time, or it might be a whole sleeve during game 7 of a Stanley Cup Final (go Bruins! go Canucks! I love them both! It's all good). But June has been crazy busy and I find myself in the car a lot where knitting isn't something I can do much of, unless I find myself on the expressway at rush hour. Neverthless, I'm working on a handspun project at the moment that looks something like this.


More details on that when it's time, but for now, you can just look at the pretty colors and remember that handspun looks so yummy when knit up.