Posted on November 23, 2011 at 1:16 pm

They were about to eat some lunch. There was a lot of lunch. As far as I can tell, the spinners in Michigan do some serious lunching that we Yankees could really learn from.

On Friday, there was the lunch that was also dinner: Zingerman's sandwiches arrived with the Fabulous Jillian Moreno and the Eminent Spin Doctor Sasha. You have to see this sandwhich to understand it. 



The pickle didn't last long enough for the photo, but it was spectacular, as far as pickles go. I have it that it was from the very bottom of the old pickle barrel, so I feel a complete person now, having eaten one of those.

Lunch on Saturday was a more local matter, but equally delicious, if not as much drooled about before it arrived. There was cheesecake. That's really all you need to know.

Back to friday: we set up the projector, and people arrived, and I talked.


About, well, you know.

Picture 1

What was really fun was Saturday, when we set up all the wheels all around the room so that people could play.


You can see most of the wheels in this picture, so you can get a feel for how things went. When you walked in the door, you would be standing between this wheel (a 28" Myrtlewood Magnus Drudik)


and this wheel (a 26" Oak Rick Reeves Norwegian with a birdcage distaff):


And you would have to choose which one to spin on first. It was great fun for me every time a new person would arrive to watch their eyes bug out, and then try to decide where to start. Sasha made the face everyone makes when they spin on the Drudik (Michelle had to laugh):


Jillian just smiled, but that may be because she has an unusual fiber handling technique.


I think it's a woolen yarn she's spinning.

even more to come in the next post.