Posted on August 26, 2004 at 12:00 pm

tuja_backI’ve been knitting. That’s where I’ve been.
It’s been a bit of a struggle with Typepad’s idiosyncracies this week, so rather than be frustrated by the whims of buttons that disappear and list items that don’t show up, I’ve been knitting. I’ve completed the knitting of the back of Tuja, as you can see. But with any time to myself today, I hope to be finished with the giraffe sweater. I’ve received a number of complimentarey emails (thanks again everybody) asking about this design–which I take as endorsement of my belief that there is a dearth of desirable boy patterns out there–so here’s the details on the design.
I used the pullover pattern from the indespensible Knit Great Basics by Vicki Square, and a chart I cobbled together from a year-old Phildar pattern, which I recharted on knitter’s graph paper downloaded from Brown Fox Fiber. The yarn is Legende I had shipped from Breiweb, but any heavy worsted or Aran weight would work. This is the same way that I made the star sweater a few months ago.

And now for something I hardly ever bother to document here: stash enhancement.manos_101
I am a guilty self-loathing wool pig. I hide yarn. I sneak yarn into the house when I hope my husband won’t happen across me trucking yet another ten skeins up the back stairs. This is a worse fear than that he might count the number of Klondike Bar wrappers sitting near the top of the kitchen trash in the morning. I did more than my fair share of clearing the basement floor of overstock at Wild And Wooly’s spring sale, bought what I thought would probably be a year’s worth of sunset-hued merino batts for spinning from Linda Diak at several fiber events this summer, and have yet to acquire sufficient Rubbermaid(tm) to accomodate the creeping glacier of yarn-with-no-particular-purpose in the room I shall vaingloriously and hereafter refer to as my Studio, so I have no business buying this:
Manos colour 101, from a new store here in Newburyport called Three Bags Full.
How can I do this to my friend? How can I buy yarn at another store? How can I live with myself?
It was far too easy. This gorgeous colourway looks to me like a luxurious bed of moss at the heart of an ancient and fairy-filled forest. I couldn’t resist. It will be a simple sweater, maybe an Everyday Cardigan, or a V-neck raglan to pop over jeans. Heaven knows I’ve plenty to knit before I get anywhere near it, but I had to wind up a ball this morning just to see how all the colours look together. I am happy. Guilty, but happy.