Posted on December 11, 2004 at 4:45 pm

Socks as promised:Sockysocks
Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Winter Sky in their own pattern, Fritzy’s Socks.
It’s only a vexing knit in dim light when I can’t keep accurate track of how
many rows I’ve worked since the last cable turn.  I’m letting it go,
sometime 7 rows, sometimes 8.  They are for me, so I don’t really care.

Which brings me to today’s topic: I am suffering an encroaching sense of guilt as Christmas looms ever nearer.  I have not set out this year to knit anything for anyone.  In fact, were you to look in my knitting basket you would think that it was spring since there is nary a mitten nor a hat to be seen.  I am simply making socks for myself and trying to finish up all the projects that have been on the needles for too long.  Perhaps I am knitting as if it were January, knitting like someone who has made a resolution or two and may actually live up to it.  There is a sweater for my sister on the horizon, but other than that, I am being very selfish.

Which makes this ironic: I’ve been ROAK’ed.
Thanks Margene! I love the little tingle of the spearmint lip balm.  I’ll put it in my coat pocket so it’s never far when I need it most.

But back to my lack of generosity.  The season hasn’t struck me this year.  I’ve been a bit of a curmudgeon since the election, and I have a toddler whose idea of a good time is lining everything up in the house in a straight line and calling it a train–I should show you the wonder of the train made from the emptied kitchen cabinets sometime.  So I hesitate to decorate when it would just be giving the little conductor new baubles to render an obstacle course between me and the ringing phone.  I suppose nothing could fix all this faster than putting up a tree and a few strings of lights, but I worry about the oil burning to power them, and think of our kids over in Mess O’ Potamia, and I can’t get into it.  There just doesn’t seem to be a reason to celebrate.  Except maybe for  Kim’s yummy cookie recipes (she apparently is as knowledgeable about baking as she is about knitting).
I do have one friend who would probably love some mittens.  And I bet she’d wear them if I put a fingerless glove in them.
Now where is that pattern?
I’m trying.  I’m really trying.  See what even thinking about sugar can do for me?
Give me a tablespoon of butter-cream, and I’ll put on a Santa suit and ring the bell at Kmart.