Posted on November 13, 2012 at 8:58 am

Winter is coming.

Are you ready? Do you have something lined up to cheer you through the chill? Wouldn't it be a great gift to yourself (or from someone like you) to open up your mailbox once a month and find a bright a cheery yarnish parcel with a gorgeous project to knit? I've already told you about the Among Friends Yarn Club, so if you haven't signed up by now, you should know there are only a few slots left.

Okay okay, enough of the hard sell.

But seriously, you might like to think about spoiling your desperate for spring February self right now.

For example (and here's where my interest in all this comes in), in December the first installment is a special project of mine. Yesterday LoraJean and Brooke let slip a teeny peek at my exclusive pattern for Among Friends in their newsletter.


It's a very fun pattern to make (I knit it myself over a weekend) and won't be available to the public until long after the holidays are over, unless. you're. in. the. club.

The great Sivia Harding, one of my favorite accessory deisgners, Kira K, and talented up and comer Christina Wilkins (aka Feisty Knits) are also on deck to deliver inspiring patterns along with the beautiful colors of Among Friends yarn over the winter months.

Think about it. Click here if you're interested.