Posted on March 28, 2011 at 7:57 pm

Postcard from the quiet zone:

Quick update on the Jorge front: He wrote me a very nice note thanking me for the "sweet gesture" of the hat (allaying my fear that he would think me a bit stalky with the knit bombing), and while he loved the colors, but found it a bit too deep for his taste. He will likely be passing it on to his delighted wife. That is with my blessings, in case you're worried my feelings are hurt.

And otherwise, I am knitting several secret things. I've done secret knitting for other people before, but this time it's my own design work, so this is extra exciting. But the trouble with deadline knitting is that there is no time for the kinds of things I can use to feed the blog.  Except for this very slow moving project:


It's the February installment of the Spunky Weaving Club on my dusty Cricket loom! I caved to pressure from Kelly (of course) and ponied up for a few rounds of weaving lessons in the form of monthy kit dispatches from my queen of "Just do it, Bitch", Amy Boogie. I am indebted to such motivational nuggets for my new spinning jag as well as the hula hoop I bought last week, so it should do wonders for my weaving skills. Kelly and Amy together could probably get me to buy the Brooklyn Bridge, in case you were wondering. I am weak.

Progress is pretty fast when you actually compare it to knitting. I can put in a few inches just drinking a cup of coffee, or sitting on the phone on hold. It's pretty addictive too, so you gotta watch yourself. I'm not about to throw over knitting for the loom because I can't weave anything that I would want more than what I knit, but then again, there are the things that Sara Lamb makes, like this:



Pause for the sigh I know you want to make. Amazing case for weaving, no?