Posted on October 11, 2004 at 10:00 am

Eye_of_the_stormProgress picture of the Floral Felted Bag: I’ve reached the bottom of the bag, knitting across what I’ve termed the eye of the storm. I hope to hit the other storm wall sometime today. Meanwhile. . .

Yesterday, my friend Kathy invited me to drive around central New Hampshire on the annual Wool Arts Tour. We started at the Fiber Studio in Henniker, where we bought 4 ounce bags of mohair locks and some soap from Betty and David Kiley of GreyFox Farms, and a couple of patterns from Lisa Lloyd. I tried hard not to stay to roll around in the beautiful hand-dyed fibers and all the irresistible yarns, reminding myself that the Fiber Studio is always there and that there was a spinner’s Brigadoon waiting farther afield. We grabbed lunch and drove on to Western View Farm, where we met Ingrid Byrd of Ward Brook farm and her beautiful marled handspun. By spinning one single out of alternating colours she takes from several different dyed rovings, and plying that with plain black, she makes a yarn that reminded me of Yarn Harlot’s trummed mitten. Put this on my interminable to do list.

At Mirage Alpacas, I seriously considered taking home a Australian Shepherd puppy, until I remembered that my husband would probably never talk to me again. But I did split one of Carolyn Trehume’s Romney fleeces with Kathy, and I bought some tencel merino to spin from fiber artist Cindy Yeager in a colour she called rose quartz. I swear that among the many pinks and lavenders in this roving is the closest thing I’ve seen to silver in a fiber. The camera does nothing to show what I’m talking about, so my description will have to serve.

But it was at the Wool Room that I met my demise. I emptied the wallet to buy some gorgeous Polworth rovings from Nancy Benda of The Spinning Bunny. I will have to wait for afternoon light to do these colours justice, but I can tell you that Polworth is soft and a dream to spin. I can hardly wait. And, as if that weren’t enough, I am surveying the cluttered home landscape to see if there’s room in my budget and in the living room for a Jensen Spinning Wheel. I got to spin a little on Anne Hennesey’s at the Wool Room, and I am seriously in lust. I’ve been looking at pictures on the internet ever since like some, uh, “lonely heart” cruises porn sites. I want one, and I want the BIG one. uh-huh. uh-huh.

Someone slap me.

The highlight of the afternoon had to be the drive home, when lost (in New Hampshire? Me? Does this sound familiar?) and trying to find a major road that might get us home, I drove right into a speed trap; 54 in a 35 mile an hour zone. The phone rang and I turned my head to point out the phone so Kathy could answer it for me, and that was just as I must have passed the reduced speed sign. Lucky break for the cop. And it was my first speeding ticket. Not so bad, I guess, for 74 dollars. On the positive side, the cop gave us directions, and that has to worth something. I think that he found it in his best interest to direct us out of the state as quickly as possible. Gotta keep those Kerry bumperstickers south of the border, folks.

More knitting news: here’s Birch, 2/3rd of the way done. It is finally small enough across to begin to show its shape. Another butterfly unfurling its wings, I guess. I am looking forward to wearing this at Thanksgiving dinner. No punchline, just good old knitting with holes in it.