Posted on January 29, 2012 at 7:48 pm

I finally finished the Tattoo sweater that had me sleepless in October. I had The Mister take some photos of it today since it was the first day we've had for a few weeks when I could stand outside with a mere layer of stockinette between me and the elements. It was still kinda windy: my hair came unbraided a few times while we tried to figure out how to show the sweater.


It was inspired by the kind of tribal tattoos I admire but would never get. So it's a fantasy kind of thing for me, to sport a sleeve tattoo like this one:


or this one:


The faced hems are knit in the contrast color for a little surprise, and there's just enough waist shaping to make it easy and pretty to wear. And I like the little curlicue on the back. I could have placed it just a smidge higher I suppose.


The thing these particular photos don't do justice to is the way the yarn absolutely glows from within, being the signature dye style of Kim of The Woolen Rabbit from whom I bought the yarn at SOAR last fall. The superwash yarn is "Frolic" in the colors Butterscotch and Morrocan Spice. There's a closeup of the fabric in my flickr account here which shows the colors well.

I am considering writing it up even though intarsia is kind of a neglected skill these days. I don't expect a lot of people to try it, but I'd be happy to have the few brave souls as crazy as me go for it. Shoot me an email (bottom of the sidebar) if you want a note should I make it available.


For you Am Lit geeks: yes. That's a Moby Dick reference. Here's the wikipedia entry for Queequeg.